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"Experience the Real difference"

I fight on behalf of my buyers. I will suggest the best option for you. For the Best deal.


Most secured buying experience with me. I negotiate the absolute best price. I protect you from overpricing, problematic houses. I simplify your transaction for you as much as possible.


100% free Evaluation Service for Buyers.


My Exceptional Buyers Plan (Deal)

When you enlist my assistance buying your home, my services are FREE. I will help your purchase go smoothly, while protecting YOUR interests, by providing these and more services:        


Analyze home and neighborhood wants and needs.

Create customized home searches based on your input.

If you need help in getting mortgage I will help arranging your appointment with mortgage broker, or banks of your choice.

You can get automated e mail alerts Direct to your Email. by Just putting some information into AUTOMATED SEARCH tab on my web site.

Communicate regularly to notify you when new listings come to market.

Preview homes and give you professional advice about location, House it self, water leakage or insulation problems. I am the only realtor who has state of art technology infrared camera which can show you inside the walls. 


• Most Secured buying experience only with me I have state of art technology which can see inside the walls for Moisture , Mold, insulation, electrical, mechanical problems.

• I do professional Home inspections for all my buyers 100% Free for Buyers

• Coordinate home viewings.

• Present and negotiate offers and counteroffers to come to a satisfactory final purchase agreement.

• Coordinate appropriate paperwork and transaction requirements with your mortgage officer/broker, the listing agent, and other appropriate personnel throughout the transaction.

• Negotiate any needed or requested repairs per inspection reports.

• Escort you on final walk through to ensure the property is in proper condition.

• Review closing documents.

• Attend signing of documents at title company.

• Verify transaction has closed and the new deed has been recorded.

• Transfer all keys and other items such as gate codes, garage door openers, etc. to you.

• Arrange Moving service to assist you with tasks such as moving day coordination, new service set-up, etc.

• I can arrange all sorts of renovation tasks on a very competitive price.

• Our relation ship don’t end Here I will be always their to help you.


I am always available for your referrals. 


After selling you the house My work is not done, I believe on strong after sale Service. You can call for any thing and I will like to help you as promptly as possible. 


Call Shah (Shaw) Ahmed Today: (306) 341-2739 or email me.