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7 Factors That Affect Your Home's Value
7 Factors That Affect Your Home's Value Small Pic

There are many factors that can affect the market value of your property, ranging from home improvements to the mood of the seller. All of this is a lot to internalize, but you can make an informed decision while pricing your home if you tackle these issues one at a time.

1. Location
Your home’s proximity to public transportation, train stations, shopping facilities, schools, etc., plays an import factor in determining your property’s market value. Every area has a high end and a low end. The market value of your property is affected by that reality. People that purchase homes in “lower end” areas expect to pay less than they would if they bought the same home in a “higher end” neighbourhood.

2. Features
One of the key factors in your home’s value is the features it provides. For example, some house styles are more popular with buyers than others. The age and size of your home compared to other available properties also plays a part in affecting your home’s value.

3. Condition
Potential buyers will take into account the condition of your home in deciding if they want to buy it and how much they are willing to pay for it. A home in immaculate condition has a much higher potential for a top dollar sale than one that is lacking the most basic routine maintenance.

Experienced buyers look for important conditions like paints, floor coverings, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows. Buyers may also pay close attention to the plumbing, electricity work, repairs, bathrooms, kitchen, and so on.

4. Home Improvements
Most people think that home improvements are a sure way to increase the value of a home. Major home improvements are unquestionably important factors that affect the property value. Improvements like room additions, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other items like floor tiles, swimming pools, etc., can increase the value of your home. However, it only matters what those improvements are worth to the buyer.

5. Market Conditions
When the market is flooded with similar properties for sale and real estate buyers are scarce, you can expect to sell your home for less than you would if there was a shortage of supply and lots of eager potential homebuyers.

6. Seller Motivation
Seller motivation is also a major factor which affects the offer price made by the buyer. For example, if you bought a home in a new area you may be willing to accept a lower price to quickly complete the sale of your current home.

7. Marketing 
The marketing plan that your agent executes on your behalf will determine the amount of interest that is shown in your property. Your agent’s level of skill and expertise in the negotiating process will affect the amount of money you’ll be able to get for your home. Many people put more thought into what they’ll have for dinner tonight than who they will trust to market their most valuable asset. Don’t make the same mistake.   

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2010 12:09 AM by Shah Ahmed


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NEW YORK A state appeals court panel had few sweet words Tuesday for a city health regulation that would fight diabetes and obesity by setting a size limit on sugary beverages sold in restaurants.

The four justices peppered a city lawyer with tough questions during a Manhattan court session aimed at determining whether health officials exceeded their authority in placing a 16-ounce limit on most sweetened beverages at city-licensed eateries.

The regulation would apply to thousands of fast food joints, fine restaurants and sports stadiums, but not to supermarkets or most convenience stores. It was struck down in March by a lower-court judge, who found that the rules had too many loopholes that would undermine the health benefits while arbitrarily applying to some businesses but not others. The city appealed.

During oral arguments in the case Tuesday, the judges repeatedly challenged city attorney Fay Ng to defend the rule's scientific and legal underpinnings.

Justice David Friedman said the city appeared to be asking for unprecedented authority to regulate all sorts of portion sizes, including "the number of doughnuts a person could eat, the number of scoops of ice cream" and number of servings of fried chicken.

Several times, Justice Dianne Renwick questioned whether the 16-ounce size limit was scientifically arbitrary, given that it is based on liquid volume rather than a measure of how much sugar is actually in a beverage. The limit, she noted, meant that some drinks with high amounts of sugar would be allowed, while others with less sweetener would be banned.

After the court session, City Health Commissioner Thomas [url=http://www.agoshow.net/2009-World-Baseball-Classic-15-Beltran-white-jersey-24/]2009 World Baseball Classic 15 Beltran white jersey[/url] Farley said that he remained confident the regulation will ultimately be upheld.

New York City needs the rule to address a growing health crisis, he said. The Health Department released a report Monday saying that diabetes killed an all-time high of 5,695 city residents in 2011, or about one death every 90 minutes. Around 650,000 adult New Yorkers are now living with diabetes, an increase of 44 percent since 2002.

A lawyer for the American Beverage Association and a coalition of other groups that challenged the regulation acknowledged that too much sugar can be unhealthy, but he told the court the regulation was "a breathtaking example of agency overreach."

"For the first time, this agency is telling the public how much of a safe and lawful beverage [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Phillies-6-Ryan-Howard-Road-Cool-Base-Grey-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-80/]Phillies 6 Ryan Howard Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] it can drink," attorney Richard Bress said. "This is the government coercing lifestyle decisions."

He said the city's proposal seemed to be based more on politics and consumer economics than pure science. He noted that the rules, which contain an exception for dairy products, would prohibit restaurants from serving more than 16 ounces of cranberry or orange juice in a glass, while setting no limits on the size of a milkshake.

"That makes no sense at all as a matter of nutrition," he said.

The court didn't indicate when it might rule.

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